Why buy a Jajaca Australian Labradoodle?

Your puppy has been bred by an accredited breeder and therefore both parents have passed strict health testing requirements.

Both parents are registered with the Australian Labradoodle Association.

A Jajaca Australian Labradoodle puppy has been born and raised within a family environment with children.

A Jajaca Australian Labradoodle puppy will come with a two year limited health guarantee.

Your puppy is eligible to be registered with the Australian Labradoodle Association if your choose.

Your puppy has been de-sexed with his/her own certificate of such, has had all age appropriate worming, begun toilet training at an appropriate age and has been exposed to all the noise and distractions a family can offer. All Jajaca puppies will come with puppy care notes and a lifetime of support if needed.

We would like to know about you just as much as you have researched about us!

To assist us in placing our beautiful puppies in the best possible environment, please complete the following questionnaire. This enables us to select the most appropriate puppy suited to you.  It gives us an understanding on your expectations of the wonderful Australian Labradoodle. There are no right or wrong answers nor is this a selection criteria for a Jajaca puppy. These questions just give us an idea of your understanding of our wonderful breed.

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What is the best time to contact you?
How do you prefer to be contacted i.e. phone or email or both?
What attracts you to the Australian Labradoodle?
Have you researched the Australian Labradoodle and do you have an understanding of the breed?
Have you ever owned a dog before?
Do you presently own any dogs? If so what are the ages and what breed are they?
Are you aware of the requirements in owning a dog, i.e., health care, facilities, lifetime companion?
Do you have a safe environment in which to keep your dog i.e. fenced yard?
If you work full time, who is responsible for looking after your Labradoodle during the day and where would your dog be kept?
Do you value the importance of training your dog? If so have you enquired about the cost and commitment of training your puppy?
Do you have any children? If so what are their ages?
What gender do you prefer male/female? Why?
What is your preferred colour, size and coat type of the Australian Labradoodle?
Should you find yourself in a position to no longer care for your Labradoodle, we request that you notify us so that we may assist in rehoming your pet. Do you agree to this? If not please explain why.
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Once we have received your questionnaire we will make a time and contact you. Upon your application being processed you will go on our wait list until a suitable puppy arrives. When your puppy arrives we request a deposit at this point. If you have any further queries about adopting a Jajaca Australian Labradoodle Puppy, please do not hesitate to contact us.